“My name is JL Mast
and I like to find new ways to tell stories”.

"To do so, I use the screens. Computers, tablets, smartphones... Anything that has a screen can help me innovate in storytelling! I'm proud to have been one of the first ones to make a career of being a digital storyteller, creating content for companies like Marvel, Disney, Thrillbent, 21th Century Fox, Archie Comics, Lion Forge, ESPN, NASA, Glénat, Le Lombard, Petit à Petit Editions, Bliss Comics, L'Express, Le Monde...
And now? Oh, now, I'm trying to find effective techniques for creating compelling narratives for Virtual Reality stories!"

More About Me

Your favorite characters in Virtual Reality!


Spider-Man, Batman, Snoopy, Tintin, Ninja Turtles, Popeye Akira, Spawn, Calvin & Hobbes, Dragon Ball, Daredevil, Peanuts, Uncle Scrooge…


Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Wall E, Little Mermaid, Fight Club, Gremlins, Gravity, Aquaman, Ghost Busters, Kill Bill, My Neighboor Totoro, Ponyo…

TV Shows

E.R., Lost, Pokemon, Twin Peaks, Breaking Bad, Attack on Titans, South Park, Dragon Ball…

And many Others!

Donald Trump? Citizen Kane? Ousmane Sow? A reinterpretation of “The creation of Adam”? Munch’s “The Scream”?!

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